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Custom Qbittorrent CSS

🛠️ Installation

Click here for general setup

LSIO Docker Mod / S6-Overlay script

After running the script the first time, you must restart the container.

Subfilter CSP

As Qbittorrent will block the theme with its content security policy you need to change or remove the CSP header. Add this in your reverse proxy to remove the headers:

proxy_hide_header "x-webkit-csp";
proxy_hide_header "content-security-policy";
proxy_hide_header "X-Frame-Options";

Custom headers in QbitTorrent Settings

If you don't want to remove the headers using a webserver, you can also override the CSP header with a custom one.

Add the following in Add custom HTTP headers on the Web UI section.

content-security-policy: default-src 'self'; style-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; img-src 'self' data:; script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'; object-src 'none'; form-action 'self'; frame-ancestors 'self'; font-src;

Nginx variable example

location /qbt/ {
    proxy_pass    ;
    proxy_set_header        X-Forwarded-Host        $server_name:$server_port;
    proxy_hide_header       Referer;
    proxy_hide_header       Origin;
    proxy_set_header        Referer                 '';
    proxy_set_header        Origin                  '';
    add_header              X-Frame-Options         "SAMEORIGIN";

    set $app qbittorrent;
    include /config/nginx/theme-park.conf;

    proxy_hide_header   "x-webkit-csp";
    proxy_hide_header   "content-security-policy";


If you get errors in the browser console, and the RSS tab stop working (See You need to subfilter the </body> tag instead of the </head> tag.


proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "";
'<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<THEME>.css">
sub_filter_once on;

This will allow stylesheets and image sources from and domains.


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