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Custom Gitea CSS

🛠️ Installation

Click here for general setup


Tested on Version: 1.15.4

If you want to add the theme with subfilter ect, click here:

The theme is built on top of the Gitea theme, so make sure that is selected in user settings if using subfiltering. select

⚙️ Adding the themes in Gitea

Create a new file called body_outer_pre.tmpl and place it in gitea/templates/custom/body_outer_pre.tmpl. Create the template and custom folders if they do not exists.

In the body_outer_pre.tmpl file add the following:

{{ if .IsSigned }}
  {{ if and (ne .SignedUser.Theme "gitea") (ne .SignedUser.Theme "arc-green") }}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{.SignedUser.Theme}}.css">
{{ else if and (ne DefaultTheme "gitea") (ne DefaultTheme "arc-green") }}
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{DefaultTheme}}.css">

In the ..gitea/conf/app.ini file add the following.

THEMES = gitea,arc-green,plex,aquamarine,dark,dracula,hotline,organizr,space-gray,hotpink,onedark,overseerr,nord

Restart Gitea and you should now be able to select a theme in Settings->Account->Select default theme.

Then click the Update Theme button.


Aquamarine Theme

Hotline Theme

Hotpink Theme

Dracula Theme

Dark Theme

Organizr Theme

Space-gray Theme

Overseerr Theme

Plex Theme

Nord Theme

Maroon Theme